Connect Us is a network for providers from every sector to work together to build healthier communities.

This is a network for organizations
to build upon their work.

With Connect Us, partners are able to better coordinate care for the people they are responsible to serve. Working together in the network, partners efficiently communicate across sectors while serving those in need. The network is predicted to lower healthcare costs, improve overall health for communities, and provide coordinated care across city and county boundaries.

“The biggest win is it allows our agencies to talk to each other. In a perfect world, all of our community-based organizations and medical offices could talk to each other in real-time. However, that’s not always possible. The Connect Us Network is a closed-looped referral system that gives our clients a better chance of getting connected to the services they need without falling through the cracks.” – Sarai Dickerson-Hernandez, CHS Project Manager with Association for Utah Community Health.

Connect Us is a community-led

Connect Us partners include Federally Qualified Health Centers, Local Mental Health Authorities, Intermountain Healthcare, Association for Utah Community Health, Utah 211, The Alliance for the Determinants of Health, state and local social service organizations, state and local health departments, and other public entities. 

“We are very excited to work innovatively with our local and statewide partners. By joining together collaboratively to address the whole needs of the families and people we serve, we expect to make a real difference in the lives of people through the Connect Us network. This effort will lead to stronger, healthier communities and will improve healthcare affordability.” – Mikelle Moore, Senior Vice President, Chief Community Health Officer at Intermountain Healthcare

Connect Us is powered by the
Unite Us platform.

Connect Us partners are connected to each other through a shared technology platform powered by Unite Us. The Unite Us platform allows Connect Us users to communicate through software that connects providers from medical and behavioral health to social service organizations.

“Unite Us is proud to provide the technology infrastructure that powers the Connect Us Network of medical, behavioral health, and social service organizations. Together we can improve the health and well-being for Utahns and create a model for social determinants of health innovation for others to follow.” – Taylor Justice, President of Unite Us