About Connect Us

Connect Us is a coordinated network of medical, behavioral health, and community social service providers working together to build healthier communities by addressing social determinants of health. Social determinants of health are those factors outside of healthcare that account for our overall well-being including food, transportation, housing, utilities, and safety. Through the network, Connect Us partners help people find the resources they need to be healthy. Currently, Connect Us serves Washington, Weber, and Utah Counties in Utah with plans to expand statewide soon.

Network Benefits

A shared network allows for improved efficiency, better quality care, improved awareness of services and qualifications, data improved outcomes, and most importantly, a better experience for the individual who is seeking assistance. Connect Us network partners can:

  • Screen individuals for a variety of social needs.
  • Connect individuals to clinical and social service providers.
  • Track progress and receive feedback from partners to ensure care and services are received.
  • Collaborate with other community organizations and healthcare providers to share progress of the people they serve, ensuring shared understanding.
  • Collect data to measure the network’s impact, including time to service and effectiveness of care.
  • Identify gaps or barriers in the community that prevent individuals from being connected to resources for social needs. 

The Technology

Connect Us partners are connected to each other through a shared technology platform powered by Unite Us. The Unite Us platform allows Connect Us users to communicate through software that connects providers from medical and behavioral health to social service organizations. It allows partners to securely send and receive referrals to one another on behalf of the individuals they serve. In addition, it provides data on how needs are being met on an individual level and the outcomes of referrals and services.

Connect Us partners own and control their data. Data can only be accessed by network support to help partners resolve technical issues and to assist with reporting needs. 

  • Through Unite Us, the network is built to comply with HIPAA, SAMHSA, and FERPA regulations, and viewing permissions are assigned for sensitive classes of information — physical health, mental/behavioral health, substance use, and legal services. 
  • All information in Connect Us is dually protected by the secure technology and user procedures. The network is routinely audited for digital security.
  • Consent is required from every person who has a client record in the network.

Who is part of Connect Us?

Partners in Connect Us include Federally Qualified Health Centers, Local Mental Health Authorities, Intermountain Healthcare, Association for Utah Community Health, Utah 211, Alliance for the Determinants of Health, state and local social service organizations, state and local health departments, and other public entities.